Getting Your Money’s Worth

My profession is nutrition. Nutrition for weight loss, diabetes, hypertension, sports performance, health, and overall wellness.

In my profession, I educate, coach, and guide my clients. But I also listen to them and learn from them. I learn about their lives, their professions, their hobbies, their passions and their emotions. I also learn wisdom.

In the past, I had the mindset that in order for a client to “get their money’s worth” from me, I needed to cover all aspects of nutrition and provide them with a master plan. This would leave me exhausted and the client completely overwhelmed. I realized I was doing my client a disservice. This approach was not helping them move forward in their health and wellness journey.

I found that focusing on one step at a time was a much more effective approach than providing a road map. Changing one behavior or habit at a time is a much more attainable, understandable goal for most.

I recently saw a client who, in his initial phone conversation with me, specified his reason for hiring me was to help him achieve his goal of weight loss. However, once we met and I heard his story, I provided him with an alternative goal. I explained the reason and the science behind this new goal I suggested for him. Thankfully, he understood the new direction I was pointing him in.

As we were wrapping up our meeting, he told me a tale:

“A guys refrigerator broke down, so he calls for a refrigerator repairman. The repairman came to his house, made his inspection and then tightened a screw.  He left a bill for $100. The guy with the now-working refrigerator said “$100 for tightening a screw?” The repairman replies, “$100 for tightening the right screw”.”

This story really hit me. It made me smile! It made me feel good that my knowledge and education was appreciated, my approach with clients is the right approach, and that my message resonated so much with this particular client that he shared an anecdote to illustrate his appreciation.

So, in order for someone to “get their money’s worth”, it doesn’t matter how much information I provide to someone. What matters more is that the information is understandable, targeted, actionable, backed by real science, and pertinent to the true, underlying goals that the client wants to achieve.

If you are ready to make some health and wellness changes in your life, and want to get your money’s worth, let me know.

Donna Giovenco
Donna has 25+ years experience in diabetes nutrition counseling, weight loss, general wellness, and sports nutrition.

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