Summer is my favorite season! I love the sun, warmth, and watermelon!!

Watermelon is my favorite food!

  • Watermelon is low in calories at 90 calories for two cups.
  • Watermelon is packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidant rich phytonutrients like lycopene and beta carotene.
  • Watermelon is 92% water, which makes it the perfect addition to your workout recovery.

19 years ago, when I was pregnant with my son, my craving was……watermelon!

I was on bed rest with him starting at 32 weeks. I could take a shower once a day. That was all. Complete bed rest!

For four weeks in those pre-iPhone, pre-iPad days, all I did was read, watch game shows, work word puzzles and crave watermelon. Thankfully my husband and my parents kept me in good supply.

At 36 weeks, I was released from bed rest and was cleared to move around on my own. So off to the fruit market I went to buy watermelon. Not just 1 watermelon. I would buy 2-3 watermelons at a time. And eat them in no time, and then go back for more. Picture a very pregnant woman with nothing but 3 big watermelons in her cart. I received plenty of stares, smiles and funny comments!

Today, I still love watermelon! I enjoy my watermelon straight out of the ‘fridge!

My son? Yes, he likes watermelon too!!

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Donna Giovenco
Donna has 25+ years experience in diabetes nutrition counseling, weight loss, general wellness, and sports nutrition.

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