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Donna Giovenco
Donna is an award-winning registered dietitian nutritionist with 25+ years in diabetes nutrition counseling, health coaching and sports nutrition
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Have you been diagnosed with Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes? Learn to manage your blood sugars with proper nutrition.
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Do you want to feel better? Do you want to sleep better?
Confused which "diet" you should be on?
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Nutrition can improve your athletic performance no matter your age, gender or sport.
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Donna Giovenco

Donna Giovenco

Donna has 25+ years experience in diabetes nutrition counseling, weight loss, general wellness, and sports nutrition. Donna works with clients to reach their health-related goals by changing behaviors.

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I realized I had symptoms of diabetes; dry mouth, constant thirst, frequent urination, weight loss, leg cramps at night. I contacted Donna and she had me change my eating habits. Within two weeks my blood glucose numbers were in the acceptable range, and all my symptoms are gone. Donnas help kept me from having to resort to medication.

– John A.
Donna, I have been listening to your advice and seeing the results!! I feel better, stronger, and I don't have nearly as much muscle cramping. You are so right, "nutrition is as important as training".

–Norma C.
Donna is so knowledgeable, caring, and passionate about what she does. She made nutritional advice easy to understand and emphasized the importance on fueling properly for training and race nutrition. I have consulted with Donna for several triathlons and marathons that resulted in many personal best races, while feeling confident and strong.

–Chelsea G.