Health Coaching

Do you want to feel better?

Do you want to sleep better?

Are you unsure which diet you should be on?

Health coaching could be the answer. Together we will look at your current lifestyle and food-related behaviors and set goals to move you torward where you want to be.

A non-diet approach to health will:

  • Improve your energy
  • Curb cravings
  • Provide you with body kindness skills
  • Practice mindfulness

Make an appointment today to get moving towards where you want to be.


Initial Consult


50-70 minutes


  • Goal setting
  • Individualized plan designed to move you forward toward meeting your goal
  • Email/text out reach as needed for the first two weeks after initial consult.

Follow Up


30 minutes


  • Review of initial goals
  • Review actions that have been taken to achieve this goal
  • Revise if needed and continue individualized plan to meet goal


Initial Consult + 1 Follow Up
Initial Consult + 2 Follow Ups
Initial Consult + 3 Follow Ups
Initial Consult + 4 Follow Ups
All packages expire one year after initial purchase. All payments are cash, check or PayPal. If PayPal is desired, payment must be made prior to appointment. Insurance is not accepted.