A worn out term in the fitness industry in the Fall season is "Fall into Fitness". Well I literally fell into fitness.

I have been a runner for 35+ years. Lots of miles on the pavement. One of my goals for 2018 was to try trail running. 

My running group of ladies (they will be the subject for another blog), organized a trail run. SO fun! My first trail run was at Cherokee Park. 5 miles. A little dirt on my legs, but my joints felt great afterward, and I had a renewed spirit, as well as some new friends!

Three weeks later, I met a group to run Cherokee again. Another 5 miles, only this time I fell! It was at 4.5 miles. I was getting tired and hungry. Bam! To the ground I go. Dang it! Thankfully, I was with a great group of fellow moms that complimented me on how graceful I looked going down. Only a few scrapes, but definitely a bruised ego. 

I have not been back out on the trail yet! But I will get there out there again. I may even sign up for a trail race.

Always get back up!

Addendum: Since the initial post, I have participated in two trail races. The first was in November 2018 and the second February 2019. I will be participating in the Ragnar Run this May!

Goals set for 2019 getting checked off, one at a time.

Donna Giovenco
Donna has 25+ years experience in diabetes nutrition counseling, weight loss, general wellness, and sports nutrition.

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