We are all familiar with the scale. That dreaded devise in the bathroom, bedroom or at the gym that tells us how much our body weighs.

In my position and private practice, I see clients for weight loss, improved health, sports nutrition, diabetes, and heart health to name a few.

Clients are surprised when I don’t weigh them. Before they leave the office, they ask “aren’t you going to weigh me?”

My reply is always “No”!

They often have a stunned look on their face.

That said, I now have a confession to make: One time, at the start of my career, I weighed clients on every visit!

This is what would happen:

The client would show up for their follow-up appointment in a very good mood, often saying things like: “I feel so good”, “my clothes fit better”, “I am reaching for water instead of my soft drink or sweet tea.” They were smiling and excited about the changes they made.

Then they stepped on the scale and saw a number that told them they didn’t lose any weight, or lost very little weight from their previous visit, and all of a sudden their mood went from cheerful and happy to mad and discouraged. Sometimes they would say things like: “this isn’t working”, “I need a new way of eating”, etc.


Fortunately, I figured it out. But the most important thing I learned from that dark period in my career is that ALL of us put our self worth into a number.

This number has a bearing on our overall mood for the day, week, month, year and years!

This number can affect our self-image and can cause us to stress eat or starve our bodies of important nutrients.

WHY? Why are we putting our self-worth into a number?

We are MORE than a number!

Donna Giovenco
Donna has 25+ years experience in diabetes nutrition counseling, weight loss, general wellness, and sports nutrition.

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